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Design your own candy table with Jara Petit Cheesecups!

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Jara Petit Cheesecups is a homegrown bakery in specialising in cheesecakes. A Cheesecup is a unique dessert, a hybrid between a cheesecake and a cupcake. It is the ideal size that satisfies cravings without guilt.

On top of their usual cheese cups, cheesecup jars, they also offer a DIY Dessert Table Package (starts from $105) perfect for parties. This includes a complimentary cake stand, 30 assorted Cheesecups and 15 toppers. 


Customers can choose between a pink and blue stand, and they can choose 3 customisable designs for the toppers.
The idea behind this package is for people to easily set up a mini dessert table for small parties, or to include it in their own dessert table.


For the toppers, I could either pick from their available toppers or personalise my own toppers with messages or images:

1.      Baby Picture
2.      Baby Name
3.      It's a Girl!/Boy!
4.      Milk Bottle
5.      Baby Onesie
6.      Rocking Horse
7.      Bundle of Joy!
8.      (Baby’s Name) Full Month! 


No prizes for what I opted for - Baby picture, Baby Onesie and Cyrus' Full Month! 


Can I coo over their pretty pastel blue gift boxes? One of my guests even insisted on taking the box home!


How pretty is this cheesecup tower?


This package suited my DIY candy table to a T, since I was not limited by the range of goodies that the vendors had and still managed to stick to my budget too! 

We were going bananas with our banana theme for the monkey baby and I had elements that were not banana related since it was hinging on an overload at some point - what if some of my guests hated bananas? 

Anyhow, the cheesecake cups were a huge hit and they were the first to get wiped out from my candy table. Thankfully I managed to nab a blueberry cup before they were all gone! Delicious velvety smooth cheesecake cups that was a crowd pleaser.


Here's the rest of the goodies that I added to the table for variety's sake!



NTUC Finest 
Banana Chocolate Pocky
Banana Milk


Awfully Chocolate
Chocolate Fudge Cake

Poh Cheu
Ang Ku Kuehs

Cold Storage
Kettle Popcorn

Steamed Cakes


Red Eggs


There, the full table in its full glory! It definitely was not easy putting everything together since I am a noob at this but Jara Petit made this easier, at least I was not fretting over plating or fussing over which dining ware to lug to match the items.

Additional photography by Superduperyummy Photography.

Facebook: or Jara Petit Cheesecups
Telephone No.: 6338 9335
Store Address: #B1-35 Dhoby Ghaut Xchange

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