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BonAppetour - A local dining experience!

~Invited Session~

These days, food tours are passe. Dining off someone's kitchen are in vogue.

BonAppetour is one of those online social platforms that connects travellers with local home chefs all over the globe, who are eager to share their culture through homemade food. And through the palette of the local home cooks, diners get to experience a country and also make new friends.

I had the privilege to visit one such home cook hailing from Kerala, Rani, who considers herself a true blue Singaporean. Plus, she also writes a cooking blog! It was definitely interesting meeting her family members as well.

She presented flavours from her home town and a series of Western fusion dishes - all of them her family's favourites too.


 Minced Beef Croquettes

Crispy delights, this kerala influenced potato croquettes have minced beef rolled in and bears close semblance to bergedil in the Malay cuisine. I loved these appetizers and this make really good bar food too!


Homemade Lemonade

Freshly squeezed lemon juice with a dash of soda and sugar makeths one of the best antidotes to our hot summer nights. Slurp!


Pita Bread Pizza

Creative usage of pita bread as a base for these western pizzas topped with capsicums, ham, cheese and olives!


Breaded Chicken Cutlet

Panko crumbed chicken cutlets, a clear favourite amongst us - who doesn't love fried food, much less one freshly off the pan?


Mixed Greens Mayo Salad

A tad heavy handed on the mayo yet a strong contender of coleslaw for a creamy salad!


Spaghetti Bolognese

The family's favourite which started off with Rani's husband's love for Italian food.


Hearty and wholesome pasta dish that features al dente spaghetti noodles and a delicious home made meat sauce.


Fruits with Strawberry Swirl Icecream and Nuts

This is roadside icecream with a healthier twist - toppings of fruit and nuts! I was thankful we reached the end of the meal for there was simply too much to eat!


Thank you Rani and your lovely family for their hospitality - we were definitely treated like family and truly, dining with my fellow locals is still quite an experience of its own.

Book a meal with Rani for an experience like mine too!

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