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Mozza Pizzeria Revisited @ Marina Bay Sands

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Back at Mozza Pizzeria for one of those nights where we were both exhausted from thinking what to have and decided to go back to the basics of comfort food - Mozza Pizzeria, a place that we both had great and fond gastro memories of.


Parmesan crisps to kickstart the meal. 


Fried Pig's Ears with Salsa Calabrese ($15)

Thrilled to see this still on the menu, I would have to say Mozza was the first place where I got acquainted with this not so frequently consumed part of the hog and till today remains one of the two places that I know selling this. Battered till crispy and deep fried, my main grouse is it tends to lose the crispiness towards the end of the meal.

A delight to have as always and possibly my favourite appetizer of all time.


Rucola, Funghi and Piave ($18)

Shaved piave, raw mushrooms and a pile of rucola leaves drizzled in lemon juice and salt was what this dish is all about. Yet, it worked so well! None of the fancy infused dressings or truffles or sundried tomatoes for that matter, just a plate of good old honest greens.


Bianca with Fontina, Mozzarella, Sottoccenere and Sage ($34)

White pizza with a queer as it sounds combination of cheeses and sage - yet it was audaciously yummy. Sage pizza has to be a first with the delicate balance of bitterness with savoury cheese.


Bacon, Salame, Fennel Sausage, Pancetta, Tomato, Mozzarella ($37)

Made for carnivores and this has been a must order for all my visits to Mozza Pizzeria. The way bacon, sausage, salami and pancetta rejoices in the mouth is truly one oral orgasm awaiting to explode.


Mozza Pizzeria's still the place to go for top notch handpulled dense pizzas - Italian or not, I am definitely not complaining.

Mozza Pizzeria
Marina Bay Sands

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