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CBD Trail: Salads IV

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Clearly, trying to eat healthy has gotten more novel for me - considering how many trails have been completed on just salads itself. Presenting, the fourth edition of eating clean in CBD!

Toss-In Table Matters
International Plaza, #01-17

Replacing Kat and Alfie's space is Toss-in Table Matters. This kitchen has many stations - the salad, meat stove and also the cashier's. So my box of salad makes its way through them first. 

Assemble your salad ($5.80)
Baby Spinach ($2)
Baked Hawaiian Chicken Breast ($2.50)
Mixed Herb Yogurt Dressing, Cherry Tomato, Roasted Asparagus, Steamed Brocolli 

The original $5.80 would have been a steal if there were not so many add ons to make - and even then The Salad Corner's trumps this in price already. 

That said, the good bits about it is my vegetables were roasted instead of the usual raw and there were two types of dressing - one to toss my greens and another served with my protein. 

But, I was not expecting my $2 worth of baby spinach to include the rental, serving staff's pay and utilities as well. Blame myself for not reading it properly for this $2 meant as a topping and not an upgrade of the base to spinach. My bad for assuming that all salad places' modus operandi is the same. 

Neither was I prepared for my baked hawaiian chicken breast that was heated over the pan to have remnants of its solidified sauce on it and tasting completely like chicken ham. Absolutely distasteful and as I'd have it - the first, last and never again.

Salads and Wraps
Icon Village

Ordering system is possibly the fastest of all that I have tried to date. Order, select the toppings, pay and collect the order. Simple!

CYO Chicken Wrap ($8.50)
Baby Spinach (+$1.50)

I love the assortment of wraps available which includes original, whole wheat, spinach and tomato. And while the flavours are not so easily discernible, having my food coloured does make it extra appetizing, visually. Twice my wraps have been very filling and hearty, plus the dressings (honey mustard and olive oil both worked well). Yummy affairs!

Salad was equally satisfying as the wraps though portions are not huge.

I look forward to claiming that redemption at the end of 12 purchases!

(7")2 Pizza
Synergy Hub Point

The place already reeked of its cooked food at the stairway.Not overly crowded but since they are within walking distance of the other salad shops, I thought why not expanding my options.

There are a total of 4 different sets for salads and I headed for 

Set D: 1 Base + 6 Toppings + 1 Dressing + 1 Protein ($9)
Baby Spinach, Edamame, Cucumber, Sliced Peppers, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, Alfafa Sprouts, Grilled Chicken Breast, Japanese Roasted Sesame Sauce

They are rather limited in terms of toppings and dressings which made eating there regularly quite a bore unless pasta and pizza is on the agenda as well. Comparatively, dressings are the usual store bought without olive oil available even - tsk. 

Tanjong Pagar MRT

Hidden in the station's Xchange is Crunch, a salad bar! To think they would be able to withstand the test of time and fickle palettes - I have seen too many food joints open and close. Seems that commuters are alot less forgiving towards subpar food when it comes to takeaways when it is mostly take and go?

And I digressed once again, $5 for a green box with 3 toppings and 1 premium. I had mine with pesto chicken, stir fried long beans, purple cabbage, cucumbers, pea sprouts and avocado dressing. While it did not look like much this was really tasty! No wonder the queues and the variety of dressing available would please any fickle eater. Plus, one gets to pick 2 dressings in half portions too. SOLD.

Chomping still continues - how about graze over my past trails here!


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