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UberEats: Burnt Ends to my doorstep!

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Food delivery service has upped its stakes with a brand new player in the market - UberEats. Who'd have thought things could get even more complicated? I love my role as a consumer.

$15 off my first order - sweet.
Expands my choice of food choices - so sweet.
I get to track my order right down to the minute it leaves the kitchen and arrives at my doorstep - sugar sweet.
Food is awesome - SOLD.

By no means this is a paid entry, advertorial or anything like that. I'm sharing from a point of view of a gian png consumer who made the husband utilise his share of the discount for two meals of exactly the choices in a span of two days.

The bummer bit would still be the timing that some kitchens are open and I am literally by my phone hoping I don't miss the opening time.


Sangar Burger ($20)

By right, I should have booked myself a visit at Burnt Ends at one of their limited seats for a proper seat down meal granted this is ranked 13th in Asia's Top Restaurants - it has to be worth the while.

With that $15 shaved off the bill, I was taking a gamble on this $5 burger and even if it did not pay off, it was just $5.


My delivery arrived within the stipulated 25-35 minutes and there in its full glory, still piping hot and snug in its branded wrappers. I could get used to such luxury as I unwrapped it.


Sesame speckled buttered buns sandwiching purple slaw, 10 hour pulled pork and melted cheese. Needless to say, it was sublime. The balance spot on and just so satisfying. Did anyone say beef burgers? That is already passe with this pulled pork number.


Delicious, greasy and maliciously so good. Diets get thrown out of the window, eating is nary a neat affair and last but not least, stopping at one is not an option.


For the tempted, my code is eats-j8l47 $10 off your first order - in case the $15 one expires.

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