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Tenshin Revisited @ Regent Hotel

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My birthday meal this year was so memorable, lunch was on the cards for a while now. With a lower price point, it was no surprise how filled it was during lunch too. Lunch offerings range from $40-$95, a steal as compared to dinner.


I'd say the counter seats facing the chefs were the best seats in the restaurant, granting us full view of what really happens behind the scenes. Plenty of concentration and nifty work.


Tenshin, oh tenshin...


Roasted tea that smelt so good.


Our table appetizers were the same, homemade beancurd skins served with a dollop of grated wasabi - so precious.


These silken sheets are mighty delicious, and so is that soybean milk gravy.


Even the salad of lettuce, sesame dressing and fried lotus chips made salad converts of the carnivores.


Dessert of lime sorbet that was palette cleansing in nature.


Tokusen Tendon ($55)
A bowl of assorted tempura (prawn tempura cake, vegetable) on rice, Salad, Miso-soup, Pickles, Dessert


I've had the cheapest and priciest tendon and clearly the latter won hands down without any competition. Variety is not key here, neither is eating till one drops but the amount of attention paid to detail and flavours is key.

Prawn cake, green beans, mushrooms, pumpkin and brinjal frittered so gorgeously, I never quite enjoyed my food doused in sweet gravy so much till this bowl. Every single item worked, even without the tempura dipping sauce. And may I rave about the Japanese pearl rice? The only time I beg for more rice is during a Japanese meal like that, fluffy and fragrant grains that completes the meal to a T.


Tenshin Bento ($60)
Sashimi, Tempura, Salad, Rice, Miso-Soup, Pickles, Dessert 

Too pretty to eat as expected of Japanese bento boxes. The men were clearly underfed with their brave choices. Freshest cuts of sashimi, sakura ebi cakes and an onion green bean cake that did not even look like much and that sakura shaped rice. Tasty morsels.


Fresh, so fresh.


Even steamed vegetables can taste so good, what sorcery?



Here comes the miso soup pot that is so hearty, this would rival double boiled cantonese soups anyday.


Uni Tempura ($45)

Pricce wise, we could have had another bento set at the way their ala carte tempura was priced but this was not to be missed. Uni rolled in seaweed and deep fried, umami cannot get better than this.

I have been pampered by Tenshin, unfortunately and I'd probably never view tempura in the same manner again. Possibly the island's best too. Worth a splurge and the technique and craftmanship shown does make sense of the prices.

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