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Pasarbella @ Suntec City

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First it was Pasarbella Turf City that got me journeying to the West for my fix of paella, and now Suntec City has my vote for being so accessible and having that many delicious traders under one single roof.


Buzzers are given after orders are paid.

Pimp My Salad

Twice in two weeks consecutively should say how much I adore this salad concept. Read about my raves here and drool over my last visit below.

Spinach base, Greek Feta Cheese, Brocolli with Almond Flakes and Chilli, Cherry Tomatoes with Garlic and Parsley, Baby Corn with Paprika, Hummus, Guacamole, Boneless Rib Roast, Lemon and Olive Oil Dressing ($19)

Spinach, Roasted Bell Peppers, Grilled Thai Asparagus, Japanese Cucumbers and Black Sesame, Shimeiji and Button Mushrooms, Marinated Lamb Shoulder, Pesto, Mirin and Ginger Dressing ($19)

Between the lamb and rib roast, I say head for the lamb that was way more tender and flavourful in comparison. Not to say the salad bowls were not hearty, except if I had to pick my choice of protein would be

1. Marinated Lamb Shoulder
2. Salmon with Dill
3. Chicken or Rib Roast

Pesto was pretty mediocre as compared to the hummus and guacamole.

Pita and Olives

I remember their neglected outlet at 100AM before they called it quits and found a better location here. This mediterranean style bistro serves up both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes and with a moniker like that, I am hoping they do up some mean pitas and olives.


Grilllo, a newly launched concept in Singapore, serves up a modern take on the familiar Pan-Asian comfort food: Rice Bowls. 


Dory Stick ($2.50), Prawn Stick ($2.50), Chicken Ball ($2), Chicken and Leek ($2), Shitake ($1.50)

The skewers were pretty to look at and less than pretty to eat, unfortunately. Missing out on some char even though they had the complete works of a hot kitchen and a grill. Prawns were stinged upon with more batter and that dory stick was so flimsy, I do not actually think it made sense to even pierce two sticks through. 


Sarnies Coffee

Cocowhip caught the eye - a biofermented vegan soft serve made from coconut juice and comes in original, matcha and mixed flavours.


Rollie Olie

California rolls do exist beyond the ones that I have been familiar with all my life - fish roe, avocado, crabmeat and cucumber. They offer sunkissed rolls, poke bowls and even chawanmushi!


Dos Amigos Set ($13.95)

I thought I had the better bang for the buck with half a roll, salad and soup but it turned out that having an ala carte order at $12.95 would have been the right choice. Miso soup with foamy bits that reminded me of sponge somewhat.


So Dos Amigos had alot going on - eel, flying fish roe, tempura crumbs, cucumber, egg and feta cheese. Somehow the passe california rolls came together more deliciously than these. Mexican I tasted nothing of, just a random mishmesh of flavours seeking inspiration from the california roll.


Wolf Burgers

The guys behind Wolf Burgers are from Carvers and Co, pity they were strict about their 12 noon opening time.


Choo Choo Chicken

Korean fried chicken has found their way into this atas food court! And the queues for this would rival the seafood guys!

An An Vietnamese

Madam Saigon has another brain child, in the form of An-An. Think very warm staff who call out to literally every passerby to try something from their stall. Loved the decor and service here!


Spicy Beef Set ($13.90)

Spicy noodles is signature of Hue Cuisine, one that the Vietnamese prides themselves on.


The broth needed more chilli padi in my opinion but otherwise was just a mildly spicy broth with rice vermicelli noodles and beef slices. Missing out on the hearty factor here.


These tung hoon stuffed crispy spring rolls however spoke a different language altogether, I preferred this over the noodles.

Hits and misses at Pasarbella Suntec, possibly the hippiest food court in town with prices to match. For the distance, I'm favouring this Suntec outlet more than Turf City.

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