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Guac and Go @ Maxwell Chambers

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Food in bowls are the rage now which seems to have taken a revival since the days of chirashi dons. Beyond just salad, a whole new world opens up with the superfoods of today - avocado. Rich in vitamins and nutrition, this has taken center stage at Guac and Go.

Replacing Once upon a milkshake, traffic is exceptionally heavy over lunches on rainy days and with space constraints, I would advise going in groups. Manpower is terribly lean, one to man the cashier and double up as a waitress whilst the other two potter around the open concept kitchen trying to put together orders as fast as they can. That said, my lunch order took an average of 20 minutes on top of a 10 minute in line.

It's raining avocados!

Hummus and Guac Bowl ($14)
3 toppings of choice, lettuce, quinoa, guacamole, hummus and nachos

This limited time special caught my eye with a couple of personal favourites included - nachos, guacamole and hummus! I paired them with cajun chicken, salsa and roasted pumpkin. Picture perfect to begin with, the guacamole and hummus were excellent. Just the right ripeness and seasoning and suddenly, I am in love with nachos all over again.The chips could do without any flavour though.

One hearty and unpretentious bowl indeed.

Large hearty bowls.

The Ultimate Guacabowl ($14)
Guacamole, salsa, cajun chicken, sweet potato, lentils

Double scoops of guacamole made this bowl sing. I love my avocados, seriously. The only new addition this time was the lentils which is another favourite. Nacho chips would have topped the Hummus and Guac bowl!

DIY Salad Bowl ($9)
Tomato salsa, roasted sweet potato, roasted mushrooms, lentils, organic quinoa, tangy citrus dressing

Homemade dressing spot on, so was this hearty combination. 

DIY salads and wraps on top of their existing menu for guac and rice bowls and sandwiches are available. Pity they only operate on weekdays otherwise this would be the place for a healthy brunch.

Guac and Go
32 Maxwell Road

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