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Lin Da Ma(林大妈) Thunder Tea Rice @ Amoy Food Center

The quest for thunder tea rice continues - I suppose it is always interesting to suss out all the stalls under a single category. All in the name of fun and benchmarking perhaps, an activity that even the mothership has enthusiastically joined me on so she can improve on her own version.

Thunder Tea Rice ($3.80)
Brown Rice

This version comes with tau kwa, long beans, chye poh, hae bi, cabbage and cangkok manis. Lukewarm but still really delicious with cut chilli padi. The brown rice is served with a combination of white and brown grains - and charged a premium. A common practice across all the stalls I have tried so far. Is it a preference issue or generally diners cannot accept a bowl of wholly brown rice. 

A pity the only other additions to the meal are fried bean curd, some variety would be nice. 

I find it strange that there are barely any queues for this given how most other thunder tea rice stalls have drawn crowds like bees to honey. Nonetheless, this is on my marked list should I be in the vicinity for good old thunder tea rice.

Lin Da Ma(林大妈) Thunder Tea Rice
Amoy Food Center #02-127

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