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Kaiserhaus @ Capitol Piazza

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I'd be upfront, I have no clue about the cuisine of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire despite its illustrious history. Force me to answer and I'd probably say pork knuckles, in the most offensive fashion ever.


Turns out, Singapore is home to Kaiserhaus - a restaurant that boldly unites the gastronomincal traditions and heritage of a dozen nations stretching from Austria, Hungary, Bohemia,Northern Italy to the Balkans.


On top of the Viennese Coffeehouse culture, Kaiserhaus also offers wine and craft beers.


No time is too early for ale, the light and dark in particular! They are running a $18 promotion that has these two beers and a side on the house! Crispy mushrooms or rye sandwiches.



The crispy mushrooms and tartar sauce are my newfound favourite bar food.


Tafelspitz / Gourmet Beef ($38,single serving) 


Order this to Eating like an Emperor - Grain-fed beef rump and oyster blade served in a copper pot with plenty of beef bouillon and mixed root vegetables, bone marrow, toasted rye bread, crispy rösti potatoes, creamed spinach and spicy horseradish sauce. It filled a table comfortably and was actually a reasonable portion for a hungry eater.


The novel bit of this included an instructional sheet on how to eat like an emperor.



Horseradish sauce that went so well with nearly everything on the plate!


Despite not being a braised beef fan, the meats were tasty and so was the broth. The sides of crispy rosti, creamed spinach and spicy horseradish sauce were all pleasing too!


The Original Wiener Schnitzel from Veal ($38)
Served with potato salad, mâche, lemon and cranberry ragout 


Austria’s national dish, the Wiener Schnitzel, is a fundamental and probably the best-known dish of Viennese cuisine. It was a pity that the batter did not stick onto the meat like a tonkatsu would, that
 said the mache was absolutely divine!


The vinegared finish and the poached pear with cranberry compote was a lovely contrast to the flattened veal.


Veal Ragout ($24)
Viennese ragout made of veal's heart and lungs, served with bread dumplings

Innards make me squeamish, the mere thought of consuming them actually. Far and few such dishes get me hopping on the bandwagon - and this is one of them. In a creamy broth that resembled cream of mushroom, heart and lungs did not taste too  bad after all the seasoning. I found it palatable even and those bread dumplings were a hybrid of potato and bread.


Viennese Crispy Chicken ($25)
Breaded organic crispy chicken on the bone, served with potato salad and mache

This was actually a better rendition of fried meat than the schnitzel, the batter stuck onto the chicken meat at least and I was served four portions of juicy chicken parts - generous considering the price point and great for sharing!


Oh those cakes!

This first foray into Austrian and Hungarian cuisine was an eye opening and delicious one, more visits to come for sure and hopefully a high tea too!

Capitol Singapore, 17 Stamford Road,
#02-06 and #03-06, Singapore 178907

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