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House of Kebabs @ Arab Street

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I hardly eat Middle Eastern food locally and only during my travels - a very very unusual scenario though. It's hardly the top of the mind recall "to eat" for me and even during travels, I have kebabs on the go because shopping takes priority. Plus, Turkey was not all a gourmet haven for me so perhaps that resistance.


House of Kebabs located at the corner of Arab Street is the landmark to look out for in the whole street of knick knacks and food (imagine heaps of shops retailing cloth, buttons and baskets even) and every other restaurant is selling mezze or hummus.





This eat and go stand is simple - make your orders, wait for the kebab to be prepared and grilled and it's served in a brown paper bag. Almost fuss free, if eating was equally so. Expect dirty business to ensue.


Mixed Lamb and Chicken Schwarma Kebab ($9)

The menu is kept simple, a range of kebabs with fillings of spicy chicken, chicken and lamb. There is a choice of dressing and greens which works just like Subway's concept yet the only difference is, the meat is shaved off the grill upon order.


I had a go at all three meats across four kebabs to have a taste of the various combinations. Loved the toasty crisp edges of a bursting kebab. Nothing beats having more ingredients than wrap and smokey meats made for a super satisfying dinner - spicy chicken could really do with more oomph but I am definitely not complaining. Dressings mostly worked well with exceptional ones going to thousand island and garlic mayo. To think I'd have thought hummus would be stellar.

Belly very satisfied, it was one of those unexpected meals that ended on a ridiculously good note, so good I swore to return very soon. Since that soulaki in Athens I don't think I've viewed wraps in the same delicious light again.

House of Kebabs
21 Arab Street

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