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Ginza Sushi Ichi Sake Salon @ Tangs Marriott Hotel

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Ginza Sushi Ichi at Tangs Marriott is perhaps known in the region, having outlets in Japan, Bangkok and Jakarta outside Singapore. Before plunging into a pricey omakase, I thought it would be great to check out their pocket friendlier limited lunch sets first.


Sake anyone? 

Three different options with 5 sets available daily,  this was hard to nail especially on weekends. Kiasuism had a better of me when I called in earlier to reserve those sets.

Turns out while I guaranteed myself of the sets, there was no way any amendment could be made to the order. Indecisiveness is absolutely not tolerated - ho-hum.


Counter seats!


Chirashi sushi ($33)
miso soup, small dish, oshinko, dessert

Granted this was a smorgasbord of seafood in a single pretty bowl but I was stopped in the tracks of fishyness emerging from every bite. This was not a well played game of bargain here, I would have expected at least fresh fish, not even quibbling about the quality


Taichazuke Set ($30)
Small dish, Oshinko and dessert


Many elements on this set, from the soup to a rice bucket filled 90% with rice, a scattering of shredded fish, a bowl of sesame sauce and snapper sashimi. 


I enjoyed this crabmeat salad at least!


Thankfully the fishy business did not continue



Best of both sets were actually the crab croquette - light, crispy and so delicious! For that nanosecond, based on this alone I was prepared to make a revisit. 


And burdock was surprisingly good too, these second fiddlers turned out way better than the main stars. 


Dessert was a choice of a soyabean or pumpkin pudding. 


Both were exceptional varying in density of custard yet so delicious.    

It was not the best of set meals and there was a false sense of urgency created with the limited sets and if I were to walk into Aoki just across the street, I'd have gotten a better deal at $38. 
Lunch 12:00 - 14:30 (Last Order 14:00)
Closed on Mondays 

Ginza Sushi Ichi Sake Salon
Tangs Marriott Hotel 

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