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Ginza Bairin Revisited @ Ion Orchard

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Ginza Bairin remains one of my favourite joints at Ion Orchard Food Basement - for quick queues and reasonably priced food too! Plus, their quality of food has remained consistently so throughout the years - major major plus point with the mushrooming and closing of food establishments so very often.

Tonkatsu is


Iberian Katsu Set ($21.50)

Iberian pork or not, I like mine tender and juicy with a layer of crumbs so crisp, biting into it causes a commotion of its own - juices spilling and the disintegrating of crumbs all over. Yes, eating can be messy sometimes.

Ginza Bairin's was spot on with a succulent cut and bread crumbs. My only grouse is the sliced cabbage should be freeflow but it comes at a nominal fee of $1.50. You literally pay to be healthy.


Cheese Pork ($4.50)

An irresistible order of cheese pork which arrived already busted and cheese had spilled out, unfortunately. I still prefer the iberian pork version.


Cheese Pork Sandwich ($10)

Once a fan, still a fan of these thick sandwiches comprising of a thick pork cutlet, cabbage and cheese between two toasted slices of bread. Trust the Japanese to know how to present a good sandwich and you bet, I was keeping a watchful eye over my 4 precious portions.

Takeaway options are cheaper though!

As with most other Japanese franchise outlets, they still rely on the stamp system for loyalty, I am unfortunately hooked on completing my card!

Ginza Bairin
Ion Orchard

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