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Dragon Boat Festival 2016: Peony Jade @ Conrad Centennial Singapore

~Invited Session~


This Dragon Boat Festival, Golden Peony introduces two new creations of Rice Dumpling. Available at Golden Peony (level 3) and The Terrace (lobby level), Conrad Centennial Singapore from May 8 - June 9 2016, I do expect these rice dumplings to fly off the shelves as we approach the festival proper. 

As much as I adore my sweet dumplings, savoury dumplings also have a special place in my heart. I am the kind of lass who likes her dumplings with salted egg, pork belly and a chestnuts. Yet, also the same person who welcomes innovative flavours. 


Singapore Chilli Crab Rice Dumpling with Homemade Chilli Crab Sauce ($28)

This local favourite inspired rice dumpling most definitely sought inspiration from our country's famous chilli crab dish.


Visually stunning with a crab claw peeking out, dig deep to extricate the meaty claw from its sticky rice grains. Indulge in their homemade chilli crab sauce for more oomph.


Black Truffle, Morel Mushroom and Chicken Meat Rice Dumpling with Homemade Morel Mushroom Sauce ($12)


Upping their own stakes with a completely new fusion rice dumpling is this with black truffles, morel mushrooms and chicken meat!  Accompanied by homemade morel mushroom sauce infused with thyme, one has to love mushrooms and truffles to embrace this. I found this less flavourful than the chilli crab rice dumpling.
Other perennial favourites include 

Traditional 'Hong Kong Style' Rice Dumpling Abalone, Mung Beans, Roast Pork, 'Dong Bo' Pork, Chicken, Dried Scallop,Salted Egg Yolk, Chinese Mushroom, Lotus Seed, Chestnut ($28)

Vegetarian Wholesome Multigrain Rice Dumpling ($8)

Red Bean Paste Rice Dumpling ($8)

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