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All About White Asparagus @ Pool Grill, Marriott Hotel

~Invited Session~


Of all the seasonal delicacies, I count white asparagus as the one that got me most excited when I first step foot in Europe. The prized vegetable was a steal there and the glee experienced when I finally got to eat it was memorable.


Known for its succulent stems and delicate sweet flavour, this nutritional powerhouse is taking centrestage at Pool Grill with specially-crafted à la carte white asparagus creations. Please mark your calendars this May for an awakening of your palette!


No stranger to Pool Grill, I count this as one of my favourite secret hideaways in Orchard because it's away from the hustle and bustle of the city and doesn't this swimming pool view look so inviting?


Plus they have a private cabana for booking if you have a special occasion coming up. Word has it these are available with a minimum spending of $100.


That view of Orchard.


Lychee tea was perfect for sun down given how hot and unforgiving our weather is these days.


Toasted foccacia with butter and a spiced peanut mix made good before dinner officially started. That crusty and pillowy soft bread threads was up against futile resistance. A girl's gotta have her bread and cake you'know!


Buttered White Asparagus with Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce


Screams brunch with buttered white asparagus stalks, a runny poached egg and on point hollandaise sauce. Great for the carb watchers since it's all protein and fibre.


White Asparagus Soup with Seared Scallop and Avruga Caviar

I love my cream soups with a vengeance, and it may be preposterous to even compare this to the canned soups but there is just something so hearty and wholesome about cream soups. I count cream of mushroom and asparagus as personal favourites.

White asparagus just upped the game with the juicy bulbs, rich finish, best of all topped with a perfectly seared scallop and luxuriously kissed with avruga caviar. Another serving, please?


Grilled White Asparagus Salad with Fig and Arugula

And I thought things could not get any better, it just did with fresh sweet figs, arugula and grilled white asparagus. Simple yet so good, a classic salad put together by the team that wanted to showcase the pure flavours of a salad and make white asparagus a true star.


Pan-Fried Sea Bass, White Asparagus, Clams, Mussel Chowder

A surf dish with a crispy skinned sea bass, amazing mussel chowder and clams with asparagus incorporated into this balanced meal. One stunning dish worth ordering with a soup and mains all in one!


Lobster Ravioli with Langoustine, White Asparagus and Squid Ink Sauce


The surf game continues strong with this showcase of lobster, langoustine and squid ink in a single dish! Tasty squid ink sauce was actually the highlight for me that accompanied the hand made raviolis.


Gratinated Beef Tenderloin, Buttered White Asparagus, Porcini Crust, Truffle Sauce

Chef's personal favourite of the three mains and I can totally understand why. Mushrooms, freshly shaved truffles and a good cut of beef cooked till medium rare makes for a satisfying meal indeed.


Strawberry Romanoff 

As much as it would have been interesting to have a white asparagus dessert, the team took care to note that it would have been an overkill and some ingredients are best not included in sweets. Soon to be launched on their menu is strawberry romanoff, a classic alcohol infused dessert with strawberries, whipped cream, meringue and a touch of vanilla icecream! Very light and suitable for a finale to a heavy meal.


An equally inviting was the night view of the pool.


Thank you Chef Matthew Van De Zwan, for doing justice to white asparagus!

From 25 April to 31 May 2016.
Available for lunch (Monday to Saturday) and dinner (Monday to Sunday).

Pool Grill
Singapore Marriott Hotel, Level 5 

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