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UNA @ Rochestor

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I hardly patronize One Rochestor much somehow, though it was marketed as the next Dempsey. UNA at One Rochester presents fresh authentic tapas and grills in a chill-out al fresco garden setting.


I remember attending an event in their alfresco seating area before, loved the ambience but the heat does get to you after awhile. Best to visit at night when temperatures are alot more cooling.


Gotta love them chairs!


Drinks at their canopies are also possible, gives an out of city vibe which reasonates very well with the working crowd and TGIF.


Heading indoors to hide away from the heat is always wise but these are the hottest reserved tables on a Friday night especially. Dining in heat is not exactly fun per se.


Walnut bread and breadstick basket.



Suckling pig ($38)
Crispy roast suckling pig served with mashed potatoes and quince jelly

Famous for their whole suckling pigs, this was definitely a tasting portion of what to expect. Perhaps it was the parts that we were served, it hit the notes of crispy skin though the meat was not exactly my idea of best suckling pig around. Could do with more bite though generally flavours were spot on. Or are spanish suckling pigs made this way, unlike the cantonese? Preference issues.


Tenderloin ($43)
Served with pequillo peppers and blue cheese

Heading the red meat way with a chunk of tenderloin and that generous serving of blue cheese!


I never quite thought blue cheese and red meats would go so well, and it did surprisingly. A bigger surprise here than the suckling pig.

Another spanish place done checking out on the list, I am not sure if I am raring to fly to Spain right now, I'd perhaps stick with fritatas, paella and churros that go down better with me.

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