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Uma Yakitori and Kushiaki Revisited @ Orchard Tower

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We came, we fell in love and then decided this should be our monthly hangout for comfort food. It is no surprise that with each visit, there seems to be more locals seen - Did I let the cat out of the bag too soon?


Their comic corner always cracks me up - image in mind involves an otaku chewing through tons of these comic books and eating yakitori mindlessly.


Fillet Cutlet ($5.80)

I found the pork cutlet a tad tough, loved the crisp layer and plum sauce though.


Pork Leg ($4.80)

I had pork knuckle at the back of my mind when I ordered this but this was mostly collagen and skin with barely any meat. I loved the braise and fragrance of the dish yet did not enjoy this as much as the collagen lover did.


Fishcake North Japan ($4.80)

Wasabi and fishcake = priceless satisfaction. I never knew I would enjoy fishcake this much actually!


Zo-sui ($5.80)

My BFF on rainy days, I am not sure what exactly goes into it yet it tastes so darn good no matter how many times I eat it. Chicken porridge for the soul, indeed.


Our usual order of Set C with all of our favourites which really needs no further introduction.


Vegetable sticks


Deep fried items!


Pork neck's my best bet always in this platter.


Chicken Wing ($5.40)

The chicken wings were an additional order. Slurped it down to the bone, so yummy!


And to end things off with rice and za sai.

I wish they served dessert though for a sweet and proper finale! That said, still my favouritest affordable yakitori joint in town!

Uma Yakitori and Kushiaki
150 Orchard Rd #01-26/27/28

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