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L'Euphoriz @ AXA Tower

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Vietnamese food with a french flair is what differentiates L'Euphoriz from the other Vietnamese joints around though the menu is mainly vietnamese with the typical staples like rice rolls, pho and coffee. Bahn mi was significantly missing from the menu. 

Beef Skewers ($14)

Sweetened beef satay on a stick, well at least the portions of meat on the satay stick far trumps those eaten at a hawker center. Loved the pickled radish and carrots that came with it, an appetizing start I must say!

Beef Combination Pho ($14)
Beef Tenderloin, Beef Brisket, Beef Balls

Broth simmered for 8 hours with vietnamese spices and served with rice noodles. I found the broth still lacking in flavour inspite the 8 hour simmering. That said, the meat portions were generous and proved a hearty relief!

An average joint in the heart of CBD, great to shy away from the sweltering heat and manageable crowds.

#01-21,, Shenton Way, AXA Tower

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