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Four Seasons Roast Duck Revisited @ Capitol Piazza

~Invited Session~


The first encounter of Four Seasons Roast Duck during CNY was perhaps not the best first meeting, given festive seasons do cause some inconsistencies in  both quality of food and service experienced. Seconds, then are warranted for a better idea of this reputed "The Best Roast Duck in the World", an accolade gifted by Financial Times on this famed london duck.

With outlets all around the world, Singapore's first outlet at The Capitol was only opened early last year. Under the management of the Royal China Group, local diners would have been familiar with Royal China Restaurant at Raffles Hotel.


Four Seasons Roasted Duck with Sauce ($36)


Sourced from The Netherlands for the quality and fat content, the secret of this award winning recipe lies in the herb and spice marinade before being roasted for 45-60 minutes. The light sweet sauce is the distinctive feature and depending where you consume the duck taste profiles may vary - for the local market at least they have tweaked it to suit our palette; less sweet and more savoury!

Truth be told, the sauce was less sweet than before and I particularly enjoyed the crispy skin this round.


Braised Lobster Noodle with Ginger and Spring Onions ($88)


This is one of those dishes that arrives in such grandeur with the full lobster paraded above a bed of gravy soaked noodles and topped with a ton of spring onions and ginger slices.


While the focus should have been the noodles, they were a tad too soggy for comfort. That said, fresh lobster served with that succulent sweet flesh - one treat not to be missed! 


House Special - Home Made 'Pei Pa' Beancurd ($28)

More bite than the normal silken beancurd, these come with an assortment of mushrooms and a delectable looking and tasting pastry basket.


Steamed Bamboo Clam with Vermicelli and XO Chilli Sauce ($24, 2 pieces)


One delicious must order that includes perfectly steamed bamboo clams finished with vermicelli, XO Chilli sauce and soy sauce.


Crispy Prawn coated with Wasabi Mayonnaise ($38)

Unlike most other wasabi mayo prawns, this was infused with mango hence the gorgeous daffodil yellow shade. Pissing out some punch and oomph for spiciness, in my opinion. More of a kid's friendly option.


Fried Rice with Roasted Pork Belly and XO Chilli Sauce ($24)

This had to be the best saved for the last - fried rice. I was surprised how this could trump the lobster noodles even, had to be the lard for sure and smart way of separating the crispy pork skin and fatty belly cubes.

For once, dessert was not necessary, we were simply too full to even another morsel. I would recommend checking out their other dishes as well in your next visit there!

Four Seasons Roast Duck
Capitol Piazza #02-27/28/29

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