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Dome Cafe @ Ahmad Ibrahim Airport, Male

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I didn't realise this entry was lurking in my folder for so long, unpublished. Which really reminds me how long ago was my last vacation.

Having been pampered to death by our Asian airports, well specifically Changi Airport...I find it hard to come to terms with the other airports in terms of facilities and food options.

Ahmad Ibrahim Airport does not fare too shabbily in terms of shops and food options, but (the single and most offensive one) the prices are insane. It is a clear case of pay through your nose or go hungry. Boo.


Burger King prices, all in USD. Balk at the prices I did but it was as crowded as any other fast food restaurant anywhere in the world.

Which made Dome's prices actually reasonably more affordable.  If memory serves me right, two mains cost us almost USD 40, taxes included which is not too far off from fast food. Since our flight was scheduled before noon, most of the coffee options were actually not available - another cultural revolution here. Or, it was not the beans but the availability hot water that was the case in point. #firstworldproblems


Chicken panini and that minuscule portion of salsa. Beggars really cannot be choosers, at this point I already berate myself for not stuffing myself silly at Shangrila's breakfast table even.


Comparatively more appetizing burger and a huge pile of fries which filled us up.


That precious cup of americano, after much hassling. And it was not even average. 

Lesson learnt, pack your own fuel if budget airlines is your way to travel to and from Maldives because the country slaps a premium on all travellers - food and souvenirs alike. My made in china magnet cost me a pricey USD 5 which is cheap as compared to double or triple on the resort. Even souvenir spices got me bending over in laughter, half of which are made in china.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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