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The Travelling C.O.W. @ CT Hub


I remember vaguely patronizing U Factory at Gillman Village before and brushing the ramen burgers aside as a fad. Well, history would have it that I forgot and repeated my mistake by visiting their store for more of the letdown.

CT Hub is a ghost town once the sun goes down and on weekends it becomes like an abandoned city save for diners like me.


Travelling C.O.W. has found home in a row of eateries and has a shopfront that is apt for its name.


Dig in deeper into the bistro and you'd find a bar counter, no mention of cocktails or even drinks so this bit confused me. Maybe a bar is in the works?


The full menu consisting of appetizers, ramen burgers and pastas. It is a self service kiosk, dishes are mostly served on paper plates and plates have to be cleared by diners.


Truffle Mac and Cheese Balls ($8)

Macaroni dressed in 3 cheeses, breaded and hand rolled into such uneven shapes. First up, there were barely 3 types of cheeses in them and it was barely as sinful as it was described.


Ramen Chicken Teriyaki ($14)

And now for the disappointing ramen burger that lived up to the letdown that I last experienced. Mamee patties sandwiching a teriyaki chicken patty. Nothing fancy, nothing awesome and well, I gladly conclude ramen burgers are truly fads. The fries, in comparison fared a whole lot better.


Seafood Laksa Pasta ($12)
Chef's laksa paste, prawns, squid, tau pok, fish cake

Thankfully, this laksa pasta saved the meal with the generous amounts of tau pok and fish cakes strewn in. Plus, the paste that was similar to our national favourite. I did not even fault the softer than usual pasta noodles.

Not worth the trudge down to CT Mall, nor the fact that I had to pay for a service fee to charge $20 to my ATM card because the minimum purchase required is $50 - the first of all nonsense I am hearing. Before that, because the dude did not know how to operate the ATM, I was left with an unpaid order. No ATMs in sight as well so I would suggest just dining next door at De Burg or Snack Culture.

The Travelling C.O.W.
#02-16, Level 2, CT Hub, 2 Kallang Ave

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