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The Finest Tea Shop @ Changi Village

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Changi Village is a food village, more than the other unspoken reasons that it is known for. Further into the enclave we found The Finest Tea Shop. Known for tea, cakes and eggs, I thought it was interesting that there was none of the poached egg or even omelette on the menu. Either scrambled or sunny side up. I suppose being a cafe junkie does that to me - I know the brunch menu almost by hard and would expect staples.


This menu board had me staring at it for a long time.



Ondeh Ondeh cupcakes anyone?


Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Cookies are a personal weakness.


Teas, they say they specialise in.


The menu was simple. 


Hot and Spicy Smoked Salmon Salad ($5.20)
TFTS Special Sauce

I could do with more variety on the greens but at this price tag, no complaints.


The egg affair.


Bacon and Eggs ($8.70)

Slightly different from the scrambled eggs option with beef bacon and sunny side up eggs - except there was none of the runny egg porn just hard egg yolks.


Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($6)

Unlike the other scrambled eggs, this looked like egg mayo and tasted like scrambled eggs - okay, I confuse already but I enjoyed my scrambled eggs despite not being a fan of that. Liked the crusty toasts too.


Do give their teas a try - afterall, this is THE finest tea shop. The range was not particularly wide but we found companion in the orange flavoured tea. Very light and fruity. 


Prices are extremely pocket friendly, I am not sure when brunch items even existed under $10.

The Finest Tea Shop
4 Changi Village Road #01-2060

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