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Roll Up @ Circular Road

~Invited Session~


Roll Up, an Kebab concept influenced by Indian flavours is the brainchild of two entrepreneurial consultants who have spent a reasonable amount of time traipsing around the world and eating out. Located at Circular Road, it is a hot spot during lunch hours and afterwhich, happy hours just got happier with their bottle deals.




Pistol and Mortar ($11)
Chicken Tikka, Indian Spices


Mughal Mouton ($13)
Mutton Seekh Kebab, Mughlai and In-house Spices


Fish-Ti-Cuffs ($11)
Yogurt based flavours

They take pride in marinating their meats a full day ahead and freshly grill them on the spot. The guys scoff at the traditional kebabs with a wheel of meat and the same slab used for hours till it runs out. The spiciness have been tweaked to suit the tastebuds of the working crowd in Raffles Place and for me, they barely caused a ripple on the tongue. I opted to have my Fish-Ti-Cuffs upped in spice levels and finally, that showed me what spice and fire is. Loved it!


Masala Fries ($3)

Fries with an Indian twist, these are served with an in-house mint sauce.


Top up an additional dollar for takeaway. Promotions that run daily include their lunch specials and a $20 combo of roll and beer. Happy hours last from 2 - 8 pm with prices slashed by $2 - 3 for bottled beers.


Brewood Punk ($15) 


Royal Jamaican ($15)

Essentially a spiked Ginger Beer withont any trace of alcohol until the third bottle if you are lucky.

Icecream sandwiches are available for the sweet tooths, so is there a vegetarian option too.


And on selected saturdays, Roll Up is home to aspiring bands.


Roll Up 
76 Circular Road

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