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Long Bar Steakhouse Revisited @ Raffles Hotel

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~Invited Session~


Long Bar Steakhouse has a heavyweight on its menus this October, limited quantities and only hardcore carnivores need apply. No stranger to Long Bar Steakhouse, it still very much remains one of Raffles Hotel's best kept secrets, next to the Bar and Billiard Room and Long Bar.



Airflown from Australia, this 1.7 kg on-the-bone rib eye steak is a stunner both in pictures and upclose and personal. That ruby red meat and marbling sent me drooling at the mere thought.


Long Bar Steakhouse Chef de Cuisine Kenny Chung and his prized slab.


Now before this, my steak education has been the usual tenderloins, rib eyes, wagyus and even omis. The Tomahawk Steak is christianed so because of its semblance to a tomahawk, - a single handed axe. The bone has been left to enhance the taste of this most flavorful cut and this makes for a dramatic yet elegant presentation.


Bread selection comprised of a pillowy soft olive bread and crusty foccacia.


Long Bar Steakhouse’s Sampler ($48)
Dungeness crab, seared scallop and scottish smoked salmon

I love samplers because everything is bite sized and I get a taste of other appetizers too. Vote for yummiest goes to the dungeness crab cake, sweet and has the extra crunch.




Australian Augus - Grain Fed The Tomahawk Steak (starts from $265)




Grilled to perfect with varying degrees of doneness throughout the hefty chunk, I was pleased as punch to get hold of my plate of medium rare steak.


 In an almost dramatic fashion, it was a whole party of flavours going on in my mouth - tender and almost melt in my mouth, there was no fancy seasoning just a sprinkle of salt and pepper to enhance the taste.

Oh, the fats are divine, so says the fat-loving bunch who gallantly walloped it all.


Pétalos del Bierzo


Joy to the world I say, when steak is precisely cooked and I have a glass of red in hand. This Spanish Red packed floral and fruity notes.

Playing second fiddle are the three sides served alongside,


Sauteed Broccolini


French Fries in Truffle Salt 


Macaroni "Zita" with Comte Cheese


Mixed Berries, Raspberry Sorbet

Old fashioned cheesecake to wrap things up with a raspberry sorbet to cleanse the palette too.


In the most kiasu way ever, their supply of tomahawk steaks are whilst stocks last and if you would like a taste of it, make haste!

Long Bar Steakhouse
Raffles Hotel

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