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Jardin High Tea @ Salt Tapas and Bar

~Invited Session~

If I had my way in life, I would have brunch, high tea and supper. Turns out Salt Tapas and Bar agrees with me in their latest release of a weekday Jardin High Tea Special!  If I had the time, you'd be sure to find me spending the afternoon there.


There are 2 different tea sets (Priced at $35 each) for selection, both have 2 savoury and 5 sweets. Alternatively, you can also DIY your own tea set to the tune of $45.

Well, in my opinion just grab a friend and order both to enjoy the best of both worlds. Each set comes with a choice of coffee, tea or mocktail.


Tea comes with menu cards like these with exact illustrations of what to expect - too cute!

These fruit tea quenchers not only look pretty but are also perfect refreshing drinks for the leisurely afternoon! My personal favourite is the Adam's apple, a creative take on the moniker with a tangy aftertaste.


Berry Fruity 
Green tea, blackberry, mint and lime


Rose n’ Flames tea mocktail 
rose hip tea, ginger, lime and ginger ale.


Adam’s Apple
Earl Grey tea,    apple juice and green apple


The tea sets are served in a tray filled with edible chocolate soil, hand moulded chocolate rocks, a range of tea items and best of all, customisations are possible if customers' names are known in advance.

Featured above is Set A. 


Kinako macaron packs a chewy shell and soybean fragrance.


Prawn taco is  from their ala carte menu, one that gets my hands dirty eating and having the sauce spilling all over but so worth the mess. Yummy!


Jamon croquette was a delicious breaded mash potato flavoured with jamon.


Honeycomb cake comprised of a spongey cake and a uber sweet and crumbly honeycomb on top! One morsel just enough for to pop into my mouth and savour.


Moving onto an equally photogenic Set B.


Mini churros are too adorable to even ignore and they come dipped with a pot of chocolate and cream. These sugar dusted miniatures could do with a bit more chewiness.


Parma ham with fig had me at hello, a beautiful meld of sweet and savoury flavours.


Raisin scones comes with three precious dollops of jam, clotted cream and even kaya!


Pork slider charms the day with crusty buns and a jellied pork with asian sauces.


Purple Japanese sweet potato macaron gets my vote for proffered macaron of the two.


Make an appointment today at Salt Tapas and Bar today for a session under these twinkling lights!

Jardin High Tea runs from all week, 3-5pm. 

Salt Tapas and Bar
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