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Indian Curry House @ Sixth Avenue Center

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Indian Curry House alongside Omar Sheriff makes Sixth Avenue Center a hot spot for spice loving diners. They were running an irresistible lunch promotion of 50% off ala carte dishes and noob us failed to see this until after our meal.


For a Sunday it was too quiet though that meant we had the full attention of the cashier, waiter and cook.


Potato cakes fill with cheese, nothing much to shout about though it would have been better with more spice.


Paneer Makhani ($13.90)
Homemade Paneer cooked with Thick Creamy Tomato Sauce Flavoured with Fenugreek Leaves

Paneer is fresh cheese used largely in Indian Cuisines and these arrived deepfried as fritters. We were in for a sweet surprise when we bit into the fritters, there were raisins and dried fruit embedded in the batter. An acquired dish which I ended up liking the gravy a whole lot more.


Prawn Briyani ($17.90)
Tiger Prawns cooked with Basmati Rice and spiced up with Indian Herbs

Belittle this pot not for it hid a total of six marinated tiger prawns well, dressed in oily grains of basmati rice. Incredibly high on satisfaction, calories and cholesterol for sure, just be careful not to over eat.


Fish Head Curry ($24)

Portions were good enough for at least 3 of us, or even 4. A full fish head and a heap of ladies fingers, tomatoes and brinjals. Delicious is a terrible understatement because we were so brimming full by the end of attempting to polish off the first half of the fish head, I wish we started off with the fish head first. Bloody good stuff.

I will be back for more of their dishes and that fish head curry.

Indian Curry House
805 Bukit Timah Road, #01-03 Sixth Avenue Center

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