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Fu Yuan Shanghainese Cuisine @ West Coast Recreation Center

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The journey to the west brought us to Fu Yuan Shanghai Restaurant which I did not know even existed. Groupon vouchers must have brought plenty of business because they only accepted reservations the week before.


Hot pepper crabs 

These meat crabs were served with a stir fry of bean curd noodles that are not commonly used here in our dishes but this was definitely something different.


Double braised abalone 

Another dish that is not commonly eaten locally, handmade meatballs topped with fish roe and served generously with vegetables and abalone. This tasted like a toned down version of poon choy.


Steamed garoupa fish 

Fresh and portions were more than sufficient for 10 of us, even. 

Marinated jellyfish with lettuce

Unlike most wedding banquets, the jelly fish was in larger pieces and was served in a marinated lettuce. 

Gui Fei chicken

An excellent cold starter, I may very well fall in love with this chilled steamed chicken over hainanese chicken.

Prime eel in secret sauce

These crunchy bites can be passed off as pub grub, and I would not even suspect they are eel. Loved the crunch and savoury sauce.


Shanghai Dong Po Pork

This is one of the first I've eaten that is served with quails eggs, the jellied pork had lovely consistency.


Shanghai fried noodles

Pretty much like our economical noodles for breakfast, these were served at dinner time instead.


Stir-fried Asparagus with Chinese Yam

Chinese yam is a tricky vegetable to cook and they did it with enough wok hei and wonderful pairing with asparagus.


Double-boiled white fungus soup with peach

Simple dessert that brought much comfort this hazy season, I was inspired to cook my own thereafter.

Portions are very generous and quality of dishes were good. It is one of those places that lacks in ambience and even finesse but the food more than makes up for these shortcomings.

Fu Yuan Shanghainese Cuisine
West Coast Recreation Center

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