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Daily Round Up @ The Working Capital

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Daily Round Up at The Working Capital is almost impossible to miss. Infact, it was the first cafe I chanced upon enroute to Luxe.

Crepes are all they sell - sweet and savoury with a row of desserts that remind me of A Curious TeePee somehow. Turns out, they are part of the Lo and Behold Group too.

Complete ($12)
Artisan Ham, French Comte Cheese, Egg Sunny Side Up

Naming convention aside, I cannot imagine why this would be called complete with just ham, eggs and cheese. A full brunch this was not, infact, lacking in flavour and oomph. 

Smoked Salmon ($14)
Scottish Smoked Salmon, Capers, Crumbled Hard Boiled Egg, Homemade Creme Fraiche with Cream Cheese

This combination worked better, much thanks to the smoked salmon.

Their savoury crepes are made with 100% organic buckwheat flour from Brittany. The texture was lacking as compared to their sweet crepes, rather hollow and unfulfilling. 

Yuzu Butter ($10)
Yuzu-infused Bordier Butter, Sugar

Made with premium wheat flour nd infused with artisanal butter by Jean-Yves Bordier, their sweet crepes are a winner for me. I loved that gumminess of the crepe and yuzu butter has to be the highlight, fragrant and so delicious!

It was a lovely visit to round up the first, and I definitely look forward to more of these crepes. The only grouse is, if only they were more filling.

Daily Round Up
#01-02, 1 Keong Saik Rd

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