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Brother Bird @ Bali Lane

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Brother Bird at Bali Lane is Instagram's latest darling, with its poop-shaped dessert and rice mochi donuts becoming signature.


And with just two offerings, the menu changes as and when and would probably need these to keep the interest going. This new concept of limited offerings is new to Singapore given how we all capitalize on the store rental by selling anything and everything under the sun to cover all meals in the day that we have lost some uniqueness. I am glad Brother Bird saw that and is that one place for soft serves or rice donuts.


Clearly the menu is already outdated since. And so have prices taken a hike in a span of a couple of weeks. This snap was taken in September and by October, it looks different. Price hikes are more harsh for the rice donut soft serves, going up to $14.90 for items like Mont Blanc and "Liu Sa".


Honey Dew Sago ($5.50)
Pandan and Coconut Soft Serve, Honeydew "Sago", Coconut Tuiles, Fresh Honeydew

The honey dew sago vibes were going strong in this soft serve, complete with the honey dew flavoured sago balls and freshly grated honeydew strips. Love the melon or end up disliking this frozen dessert.


Cookie Butter ($6)
Speculoos Soft-Serve, Almond Crunch, Sea Salt

Even these soft serves are not here to stay, Cookie Butter is the only remaining flavour from their previous menu. Matcha Classic has since replaced Honey Dew Sago.

I thought this was hovering on too sweet though the almond crunch and speculoos biscuit was easy to love.

I may be back for their rice donuts - hopefully before the next price hike!

Brother Bird
30 Bali Lane

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