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Yamie Rice saves the day in 3 easy steps!

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I am a self-declared noob cook, infact, when we first moved out, the Mom in particular was so worried we would end up with 5 days worth of “outside food” she volunteered to teach me a couple of idiot proof recipe to save my husband’s stomach and possibly myself from being labelled the wife who did not fulfil her kitchen duties. 

Before I even digress and go onto the whole shebang about how modern ladies need not cook – the other spectrum is, cooking without fuss is the way to go this 21st century. For sure, food may not taste as good as if it were labored over the stove for hours that can be better spent at the manicurist, finishing up that novel or even doing laundry but efficient cooking would far triumph. 

By means of efficient cooking, I refer to products that have been created to make our lives a whole lot better – come on, even Jamie Oliver subscribes to 15 minute meals and trust me, my laboratory rats have voted that these do not fare too shabbily. 

Yamie Ready-to-Cook Premix Rice was recently introduced to me and viola, life has been changed – and I kid you not. I have resisted cooking rice in my kitchen for more than half a year, citing reasons like my western dishes do not go with rice and until I was at my wit’s end, I cooked my first batch of rice under the watchful eyes of the Mother. Gauging the water level is truly a pain, and working on aga-aga (a colloquial term for a rough gauge) makes me fret every single time. 

Second try with success but not after sweating it out before my steam oven! 

Yamie Ready-to-Cook Premix Rice consists of Thai Jasmine rice blended with many flavourful ingredients to give it an authentic taste. 

Preparation is hassle free in 3 simple steps – simply add rice, add water and it is ready to cook.  Yes it is that simple and really, I cannot be more thankful for that discovery. What’s more, the product range features wholesome ingredients and enhanced taste, turning a good meal into a great meal!


As part of Yamie Rice’s range, there are 7 different types to tantalize your tastebuds - Claypot Rice; Chicken Rice; Yam Rice; Nasi Briyani; Sambal Rice; Black Pepper Rice and Chicken Flavoured Porridge. Each box comes with a pouch of rice and ingredients (only applicable for some flavours). Their products are Halal Certified with no preservatives, no added MSG, artificial colourings nor trans-fat.


I do not even need to wash the rice as they have been flavoured. Fill my measuring jug with 150ml of water and I’m ready to roll. How easy is that? Well of this was on theory until I was thrown infront of the camera in a cookoff.


I am no stranger to the camera but being filmed cooking brings it to the next level! Plus, being in a stranger’s kitchen caused quite a fumble for utensils, managing stoves and finally getting my dish up. I was up against super daddy, Kelvin from Cheekiemonkie. It was my Nasi Briyani versus his Chicken Rice!


Trying to keep a straight face with all that butterflies in my tummy AND good grief, look at the mess I created!


I thought of a simple pairing with the ever favourite luncheon meat fries and spiced almonds to flavor things up. After fussing and several NGs, I am so proud of my final plating. 


Guess which dish charmed our tastebuds and won the cook off?


Would it be Limaran’s chicken claypot rice?


Kelvin’s Grandma’s secret recipe of Chicken Rice?


Miss Tam Chiak’s Shrimp Sambal Fried Rice? 



Watch the video to view all the action and hopefully pick up a tip or two!

Subsequently, I had to share the love with my family and possibly blow them off their socks with my Nasi Briyani.


Nasi Briyani rice at home was a success, complete with a curry chicken pre-mix!  


The rice as promised turned out perfectly, right down to the dry texture that is signature of Briyanis and the raisins and protein chicken were also included to complete the meal!



Thank you Yamie Rice for making life so much easier and of course, delicious. 

The food range is available at major supermarkets eg. Fairprice Xtra; Fairprice Finest; Selected Fairprice Supermarkets; Giant Hypermarts and selected Sheng Siong supermarkets.
Log onto or websites to get more ideas!

Do also check out their My Favourite Blogger Cook Off Recipe Voting Contest!, deets below!


My Favourite Blogger Cook Off Recipe Voting Contest

• Simply fill in your personal details, vote for your favorite blogger cook off recipe and submit your entry  latest by 15 October 2015 @ 12pm.
• Lucky winners will be drawn from the pool of the voters of the blogger cook off recipe with the
highest votes.
• Total 10 winners will walk away with $30.00 Hans cafe dining voucher.
• Winners list will be announced on 16 October 2015 at Yamie Rice Facebook Page. Follow us
to get the latest updates of promotion & Facebook campaign.
• Winners will be contacted via phone call and cafe dining voucher will be mailed out to the
• Lucky draw result is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
• Prizes are not transferable or exchange for cash.
• Yamie reserve the right to amend and add in any terms and conditions without prior notice.

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  1. The cook off looked really fun and you guys made Yamie rice so irresistable! I'm gonna go grab some myself really soon!

    1. hehe yes go get it! It's a life saver. :P