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Singapore Air: SIN - Male - SIN

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Singapore Air it was for this particular Jubilee Weekend trip - and having been a loyalist of Cathay, I must have forgotten how it felt like flying with the national carrier.


I was trying to spot as many of these 3D exhibits but only found chicken rice. SG50 everything and I thought Changi Airport did some real justice to this overused tag.


Hot towels first up - a nice welcome I thought.


Earphones tucked at the side...just how long have I stopped flying Singapore Air to notice such details? Must have been a pretty long time.


I was this tempted to purchase one of these SG50 memorabilia, must have been the guilt for being away for the whole of the Jubilee weekend.


Singapore Sling straight out of a bottle and many cans and given a quick mix - of course Long Bar would have done a meaner job but I'm mid air and this is the next best alternative.


Seafood meal that turned out to be the same option as the fish option offered in the main menu. Dang, I should have just opted for this to get my food first.



Metal cutlery how I have missed you so - plastic cutlery no matter how thick, still does not feel the same as the metals. The fish was excellent, not overcooked and just right. I was clamouring for more and possibly ate through most of the fish and abandoned by choice of chicken curry rice.


Still delicious but the fish trumped all other options.


Prawn pasta, tasty stuff and for once I think the seasoning is done right for airline meals.


Dessert was sorely disappointing however. No magnum, no haagen dazs but Magnolia compound chocolate coated vanilla flavoured icecream. It already sounds synthetic.


Horrible tasting icecream.


One bite was all we managed. Boo.

On the way back, the hour delay at Male City and terrible bouts of turbulences caused a super duper delayed lunch at close to dinner time.


Nuts and Juice

Thank god for these over due nibbles, they helped silence the hunger for the first 2 hours into the flight at least.


Tuna Pasta

The Maldivian escapade saw me eating a whole lot of tuna and even if this was straight out of a can, it was strangely very comforting. A delicious appetizer that would be worth replicating in my kitchen.


Braised Beef with Potatoes

I wish those potatoes were roasted and the braised beef packed more flavour.


Chocolate Cream Cake with Coffee Cream

Call me noob but the entertainment channels kept me busy for the 4.5 hour flight and the best part is, my earphones were not collected! So that means entertainment until the very last minute.

A great way to fly indeed, Singapore Air.


Ahah, chilli crab to welcome me home.

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