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Seahouse Brasserie @ Male

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Under the recommendations of the kind folks at Makaana Lodge, we found lunch at Seahouse Brasserie, a short walk from the Jetty Terminal that we were going to take our public ferry bound for Mafuushi Island.

There was a lunch buffet going for USD 8 which is comparable to the prices of the mains so we opted for freeflow to fill our tummies for a rough ferry ride ahead.


The limited spread that was only ready by 12noon. No amount of sitting and waiting around would get the service staff to move faster - we have been too pampered in Singapore.


It was a simple spread of salads, meats and dessert. Food was kept warm  in serving trays like these.


Their idea of dessert would comprise of something that looked like bread and butter pudding.


And banana cake which I could not bear to touch with the number of houseflies hovering around them. Houseflies seem to be acceptable in their daily lives - from food to even public tranport, they exist and the people have


My strawberry smoothie that was surprisingly really yummy, odd for a country that imports almost everything and I would have expected strawberry juice blended.


Once the lids were unveiled, we made a beeline for the most delicious looking chicken tandoori.


Also on the spread was Briyani rice and what looked like beehoon that we eat locally even. The flavour was there and none too surprising or culturally shocking.


Papadum is not my favouritest food on earth and these were a tad greasy but the rest of the Maldivian diners seem to love it the same way I love my keropok.


Daily dosage of greens does come with leafy vegetables and even green peppers, not too shabby a range thankfully! I was all prepared for laxatives if I did not have any access to fruit or vegetables.

For all that we ate, USD 8 was definitely a steal and worth a visit. There are few options nearby unless an authentic experience by the roadside with questionable hygiene appeals - I would highly advise taking the safer route or risk the rest of your holiday in bed.

Seahouse Brasserie
Dhiragu Building
Ameenee Magu
20158 Male, Maldives

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