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Ocean Vista @ Maafushi Islands, Maldives

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Maafushi Island is one of the most popular islands to visit when in Maldives, a good 1.5 hours away from Male City by public ferry or a speedy 30 minutes on a speed boat. Pun intended, unfortunately. We decided to travel budget on our way there and bought our tickets for the 3pm ferry to Maafushi Island at slightly past noon - we were told to get our tickets early or risk missing the last ferry of the day. On that note, it is essential to pay attention to their departure timings because on Friday all public ferries stop service and the only way to access the island is via speed boat which can range from USD 20 per person.

The public ferry costing just USD 2 would take three times the time to get there. We had the pleasure and time in the world to try both and survived to tell the tale!

We boarded the rocking ferry alongside a ton of locals and groceries - Thursdays are stock up days methinks. The 1.5 hours was spent alongside rain drops and roving houseflies, I never quite got how the flies even made it through the rain and remained in the ferry for the whole journey though.


Hitting shore meant a mad dash for shelter to find someone from the guest house holding a placard in the rain waiting for us. He loaded our luggage on a modified bull cart and took off. We were impressed with how well he took care of our luggages, even bothering to wipe them dry thereafter but it all ended the moment we entered our guest room.


The outlook of the reception was definitely not telling of how aged the place actually was.


The whole map of Maldives and someday perhaps, I'd like to visit all.


This bell boy definitely went the extra mile taking a towel to clean our luggages that were drenched in the sudden downpour.


Our lowlying mattress that was larger than a super single, make that even larger than a queen.


The staff tried their best to impress us with their towel designs daily.


The bed was low and came with a nicely folded towel design, shoes were not allowed in the room and it definitely did not help that the floor did not feel clean (OCD speaks), the toilet door had such a huge crack I wonder if a brawl had broken out in the previous tenants, tap and shower head leaked and we only had a body and face towel each. No kettle, and infact the whole guest house only had a single kettle for communal use. The hairdryer actually functioned (hallelujah!).

The worst happened, the comforter was kept in the cupboard all along and upon unravelling it I spotted dried blood patches, dried pee patches and strands of hair within. Before it got any worse, we requested for a change which was met with an equally stained comforter.


Our welcome drink of orange juice.


Breakfast was truly a half hearted attempt - maybe luxurious by a local island's standard - but how does potato curry, roshi and sausages even sound?


Before you say 'huh', it was an "all you can eat" breakfast buffet.


I tried to make my breakfast look better, at least.

Please load up on necessities at the nearby local mart or just fill the luggage with cup noodles and canned tuna.

Two nights and it was definitely more than enough and for this tired looking guest house, I would get a load better at the newer properties.


If anything, this particular bench just outside the lodge was one of my best memories.

Ocean Vista
Maafushi Islands

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