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L'Entrecote The French Brasserie @ Suntec City

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Red versus white and in the battle of proteins, red always win for me. Steak, in particular, is a favourite type of protein because of the flavour, bite and number of times I have been wowed by the chef's skill.


L'Entrecote and I go back a long way infact, I remember Duxton Hill's outlet quite fondly throughout my documented visits and the last was actually already disappointing.

Turns out the more they expand, the worse they actually become.


L'Entrecote has spun off a whole series of concepts ranging from Express to now The French Brasserie. This particular outlet in Suntec is no different from the Duxton outlet, complete with large mirrors, lots of wooden furniture and glass. The menu has expanded to include options for non-beef eaters - I thought this was clearly a direction to cater to all diners since they only had beef at some point.


No bread served at all despite the long waiting time, I could have waited up to 10 for my salad and another 30 for my steak. The only thing constant was having our orders scribbled at the side of the paper table cloth for easy identification of who's having what. 



Steak and Frites ($32.90)
Trimmed Entrecote Steak with Legendary Sauce, Golden French Fries and Walnut Green Salad


Prices have taken a slight hike but if standards were as good as the first, that would have been ideal. Not only did the legendary sauce lose it crown, the steak came tasting just like cardboard even in that pinkness. Golden Fries were no longer free flow but still the best of the plate.

Service was apologetically slow with a particular waiter choosing who he decided to serve and limited his duties to dressing the tables. My unglorious third visit and definitely the last.


Even if dinner sets are so pocket friendly, never a fourth time!

L'Entrecote The French Brasserie
Suntec City

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  1. Yeah over the years I read many good things about L'Entrecote...and when I finally tried them at this Suntec branch, it was such a horrible letdown!