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Karafuru @ Jalan Klapa

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Karafuru is Instagram's latest darling with photogenic looking desserts and petite eclairs that makes any sweet tooth smile from within. Chef Michael used to have a stint at Windowsill Pies and his latest brainchild is a Japanese-style cafe specialising in parfaits and eclairs.


Word has it that they sell out way before their closing time of 10pm and I had to be lucky walking in on a weekend at slightly after noon to find the full spread of eclairs still available.


My choice picks.


Ume Shiso ($7)

Purportedly their best seller, this plum leaf draping around the eclair topped with water droplet-like adornments and plumped with plum flavoured filling. I liked the acidity of the plum but that was really just it.


Yuzu ($6)
Yuzu Creme, Candied Lemon, Marzipan, Ginger Sables

A tangy yuzu creme with the whole hulabaloo of candied lemon, marzipan and ginger sables clouding the flavour, I found this too complicated.


Sakura Rose ($6)
Sakura Rose Creme, Marzipan

And when I thought things can finally be simple, the mild tasting sakura rose creme was marred by an oversweet marzipan.


The choux pastry also did not work for me throughout the various flavours, lacking in the crisp bite and there was nothing to shout about. Descriptions are more exquisite than the flavours savoured and truly, at such prices I would be better off nearly everywhere else. Hype over substance, most unfortunately.

Karafuru did not light up my life with colour the way I would have hoped, parfaits? Not soon, I suppose.

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