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Fashala @ Shangrila Maldives

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Fashala was located on the furthest end of the island, a stone's throw away from the Presidential Suite.

Apart from Javvu, there are only two other dining outlets available and only at dinner time. Dr Ali's and  Fashala have the hottest tables on the island. Closed on selected days, there are set menus with wine pairings also available throughout the month.

We were encouraged to make reservations ahead of time and thankfully they still had tables available despite the 1 day notice.


It is a pity that both restaurants are only opened for dinner and closed on some days.


We took the liberty to explore Fashala when it was closed on Saturday.


Looking almost perfect for a beach wedding.


The rest of the restaurant.


Scoring a cosy table away from the main dining hall was pure bliss, with full view of the sea, baby sharks and even crabby visitors made this the best table in the house in my opinion. The only downside being, this privacy is enjoyed at the expense of zero wifi connection.



We had the pleasure of a waiter serving us exclusively and he was a joy to have (Azriel I believe is his name) - sharing snippets of his life back in the island closest to Vilingili and even thoughtfully brought us Maldivian chillies to plant when we head back.


These were absolutely tongue biting and leaves a fiery trail so powerful, I actually surrendered to these spicy lil things. Apparently, the maldivians eat them neat, without carbs or even sauce.


Amuse bouche of lime yogurt, this was pleasant and was more of a drink than an appetizer.


Our waiter continued to bring out three bottles of olive oil, two of them are infused with chillis and herbs.


I'll never look at olive oil the same way again, they do taste heaps better with vegetables infused. And bread with butter is a whole new game of passe at Fashala's.


Eggplant Lasagna "Parmigiana Style" (USD26)
Eggplant, Zucchini, Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce, Fresh Basil Leaves

I am an eggplant and lasagna person but not quite one who enjoys them together - correction, I never had one so good that I would choose to have them in the same dish. Delicately presented with such thin layers mastered beautifully, tangy and savoury flavours sealed in a single dish. YUM, and nothing short.


Pan-Fried Duck Liver Escalope (USD 48)
Set on a bed of crushed potatoes, Jam of Figs, Infused with Truffle Oil and Nut-Flavoured Butter Sauce

I wonder how they can even cook duck liver till it tastes like goose liver - these is a clear difference by the way. Ingenious pairing with crushed potatoes that made this delicious beyond measure.


Spaghetti Stone Crab Meat (USD 58)
Crab Meat, Tomato, Lobster Foam, Avruga Caviar

While this was not handmade pasta, it was cooked just the way I like it - al dente. Crab meat and lobster foam almost sounds ludicrous and impossible to spot in the dark, yet I remember this to be one delicious plate and that was all that matters.


Grilled Catch of the Day (USD 36)
Al Dente Butter Organic Vegetables with Lemon and Basil

Waho, a type of local fish that boasts a firm bite had to be something new. So far, the dorys, seabasses and even cods have been quite the staple but Waho?


Side of grilled vegetables for USD 8.


Coconut and Lemon Sorbet (USD 5 each scoop)

I swear we were stifling laughter when the teensy weensy scoops were served, almost like palette cleanser portions but small as they can be, they were mighty droolicious. Both were executed in such perfection, I wonder if I have to fly back for another taste of paradise.

Granted it was a pricey meal - what isn't in Maldives, and in a resort to boot? Love was in the air, food was great though the waiting time was horrendous (fine, a one man show with one cook down already sounds daunting) Prices are not to be even be reasoned out when you are on a resort because  there is really no alternative apart from cup noodles.

Maldives Shangrila

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