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The Provision Shop @ Everton Park

The Provision Shop under the Unlisted Collection Group has been around for a reasonable amount of time - and strange that every time I head to Everton Park I have never bothered to look beyond Audacious Cakery. Beyond that, lies a whole new world.

The Provision Shop is easy to spot with the row of colourful chairs outside, these are almost toddler sized but is bound to bring a bright wide smile to anyone who passes by.

Eggs Benedict ($12)
Two Poached Barn Raised Eggs with Ham and Hollandaise Sauce

Nearly every single table had an order of eggs and so did we - sorry to the ladies who came after us, this was the last plate of eggs benny for the day.

The single poached egg was so wobbly, we were tickled pink. And the tale of eggs benny is actually so simple, perfectly poached wobbly egg with a seared ham and that uhhhh-mazing creamy hollandaise sauce on a thick fluffy toast was enough for me to pledge allegiance. 

Nadine's Mushroom Melt Monsterwich ($16)
Truffled Mushroom, Brie, Gruyere, Bechamel, Sous Vide Egg on Ciabatta

And I thought the eggs benedict would be the one I'd be returning for, unlike Nadine's Monsterwich of course. Monstrous in portions - it was dripping with ingredients, all that cheese made this cloying in a super satisfying manner. Throw in mushrooms and that wobbly egg once again, I was sold once again.

The ciabatta is another reason for a return, that crusty carby goodness. Bread, my BFF. Monstrous on flavour, cheese and satisfaction!

Cheesecake ($6.50)

We were riding on cloud nine with the two delicious egg dishes and would have expected unicorns and candycanes kind of bliss from their highly sought after cheesecake. Turns out it was mush from the top right down to the biscuit base, all of soggy and tasted like a pear cheesecake than an american cheesecake. Yes, we are anal like that.

So then, The Provision Shop does have flaws afterall, it was not all rosy but I will be back for their homemade pasta dishes and more of their delicious poached eggs.

The Provision Shop
01-79, 3 Everton Park

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