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Tai Parfait @ Plaza Singapura

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I think we have gotten more complicated with times.

When rainbows existed in paddlepops, fishes in taiyakis and yogurt in yami cups, it felt so 1990s and early 2000s. Now, rainbows only make sense in cakes, taiyakis are no longer just filled with red bean and the camp of yogurt includes toppingss like honeycomb, candy floss and even the whole fruit cart.

Tai Parfait created quite a buzz when they first hit town. And delayed gratification is waiting for the town to be tired of queueing and then I join.


I've never seen an industrial mixer before in a tub so huge, I figure only professional painters would use these. The tub is telling of the number of fishes sold a day. Scary phish.


Chocolate Banana


Strawberry Chocolate


His and hers.

These freshly baked pastries are plumped with our choice of filling and then topped with either a soft service, icecream or whipped cream and then a fruit.

Less is more in my opinion. The icecream melted too fast from the heat and half the time I was bothered with the melting icecream than the crispy taiyaki that ended up soggy from the chaos.

In times like these, I would stick with the traditionals - either a fish red bean pancake or a soft serve. Not both together.

Tai Parfait
Plaza Singapura

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