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Spicy Thai Thai @ Aljunied Ave 2

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The search for authentic thai food continues and we were highly recommended Spicy Thai Thai on one of those encounters. Nursing a thai food craving meant we settled it on the same day as we were recommended - talk about efficiency sometimes.

Housed in the residential blocks of Aljunied Avenue 2, it is not hard to spot and infact, can be spotted from afar. It was not overcrowded per se but there was a steady stream of diners throughout and we had to be babysitted at a communal table before issued a table. Decide between having mookata or just their dishes and tables are assigned accordingly.

We were off to a good start when a thai looking lady came by to explain the menu in her thai accented english. I suppose having thai staff does play a part in its authenticity - or so I choose to think. 


Amongst the first few things that caught my eye was their trio of condiments - hmm, looking thai enough.


Tom Yum Soup ($14)

High hopes for this one - the tom yum broth either makes or breaks the meal and for us, it broke it. Spicy yes but there was a clear imbalance of flavours here - more sour than spicy and that kind of spicy came to an abrupt end the moment the broth was swallowed. None of that lingering spiciness or heat I would love to get consuming tom yum goong.


Fish Cake ($2 per piece)

These crispy cakes had a decent crunch with that batter and while it was not the best fish cakes, there was only so much to expect from a fried appetizer.


Stir Fried Kang Kong ($8)

Another dish of ordinaryness. It is one of those must eat dishes but hardly do you get a life changing version.


Water Fried Egg with Sundried Fish ($12)

I definitely LOL-ed at the name of the dish, water fried egg. It was not too shabby when eaten with their thai green chilli paste, just missing some notches on the spiciness.


BBQ Pork Neck ($10)

Pork neck is one part of the hog that I adore most, next to the belly and the thais usually do a mean dish with this. Yet, Spicy Thai Thai's version was more like char siew than that sinewy cut grilled to perfection.


Lala Bee Hoon ($18)

The saving grace, a pot of lala beehoon over a burning tea light that extinguished too fast. Nonetheless, this pot of starch was good enough for 2 or even 3 hungry eaters. The beehoon has an al dente consistency despite soaking in broth and clams. I loved the flavour of this and thought it was the best of the meal.

Mediocre thai food that has been localised to a large extent, great for the residents in Aljunied in those nights where travelling far for comfort food is out of the question.

Spicy Thai Thai
115 Aljunied Avenue 2,, #01-35

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