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O'ma Spoon @ 313 Orchard

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~Invited Session~


Living in a country that experiences heat waves more than half a year makes us exceptionally attractive to icy dessert vendors. In fact, since the days of ice kachang, there has been 1001 variants and the most recent is bingsu. Bingsu first popularized in the Land of Kimchi and we are definitely no stranger to the shaved ice concept.

O’ma Spoon (pronounced “oh my spoon”) specialises in bingsu or shaved ice desserts made from premium milk. Fresh milk is flash frozen at -25°C then finely shaved, resulting in a snow-like milk ice base that is decorated with various toppings. O’ma Spoon also serves a selection of Signature Oven-Baked Honey Bread directly imported from Korea, as well as a variety of Oven-Baked

O'ma Spoon at 313 Orchard spots a connection with the sweet tooth in each of us. 


Shaved ice obsessions.


Injeolmi Bingsu ($12.90)
Milk ice base topped with injeolmi powder, injeolmi rice cakes, cashew nuts and almond flakes

I call this the Mount Fuji, with that snow capped top adorned with injeolmi powder and almond flakes. Despite the complexities going on, the way the milk snow flakes dissolved into nothingness was truly an oral treat. The rice cakes doubled up as mochi bites, so chewy and soft with the crunchy nuts, texturally very interesting!


Mango Cheese Bingsu ($18.90)
Milk ice base topped with mangoes, blueberries, New York-style cheesecake, vanilla ice cream and almond flakes

Things get more complicated with the Mango Cheese Bingsu, a literal tea party happening in a single pot - there's a slice of air flown new york style cheesecake, a scoop of vanilla icecream, a ton of mangoes and almond flakes and cranberries. This gets served with a side of very fluid sweet milk, mostly ornamental if you ask me.

By itself, it is a stunner. So pretty and almost too pretty to eat.


Spot the full slice of cheesecake which was really quite darn good on its own!


Spot the blueberry jam acting as glue to hold the mountain together.


Choco Strawberry Honey Butter Bread ($14.90)
Two-inch thick honey-baked toast spread with Nutella and topped with strawberries, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and served with whipped cream

Next to their already popular Bingsus, their thick toasts are equally popular. Toasted till crispy on the edges and lathered with enough nutella to give me a sugar rush, these toasts are thoughtfully cut in cubes for eating without a mess.


Whipped cream and icecream aside, I thought this was one for the ladies. Pretty to look at and sweet enough to eat.


Injeolmi Toast ($8.90)
Injeolmi rice cakes sandwiched between two slices of toast and topped with almond flakes and injeolmi powder, served with vanilla ice cream


These toasts were comparatively thinner and less satisfying than the thick toasts but a surprise awaited after all that teasing apart. Spot the strands of mochi.


You have to love mochi and bread with the same passion to enjoy this duo of carbs, the sugar levels are well controlled here without any of that tooth achingly sweetness running through every bite. Like a pleasant, sweet young thing.

The bingsus are outstanding because of the fine flakes that makes ice kachang taste like its coarse cousin. Like snowflakes, they melt away into nothingness and the fact that these are made with milk already lends this a delicious finish. The toasts are second fiddle at O'Ma Spoon yet the standing rule holds, pick the right flavour.

O'Ma Spoon
313 Orchard, Level 4

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