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My Dining Room @ Suntec City

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I have walked past My Dining Room so many times and all it took was a Groupon voucher to fuel this visit. I am still a huge fan of Groupon that allows diners to check out places without burning a hole in the pocket, downplaying the potential post purchase dissonance by a number of notches.

Sunday yumcha slot saw it full of people - are we fast becoming like Hong Kong I wonder?

Ordering was brisk because ours was a pre-set menu.


Fish slices stewed with beer in hot stone pot

"Be careful it's hot", the attentive waitress mentioned before placing it before me. And moments later, chor lor me still decided to get my fingers scalded - just like murphy's law

It was wooden rack with a stone pot balanced on top, top marks for novelty. The milky white broth was a stunning masterpiece, in fact, anything with beer tastes good and truly, next to beer prawns and beef stew, this is high on the list for favourite beer cooked foods.

The broth is all of rich, complex and very comforting. Hot soup on a hot day does not quite agree with me, yet this fish soup got me lapping up so readily.


Pan-fried Japanese King Scallop

I loved the crispy edges and juicy innards, tasty though portions were a tad small.


Pan-fried Kurobuta Pork

This would have passed off as a large pork cutlet served with onions.


Poached Vegetables in Superior Stock

Two soup based dishes in a set menu is a smart move, at least if I had not eaten my fill I would have drunk my fill. Served in an uber pretty plate, this certainly made eating greens a joyous affair - now why didn't my mom think of this when I was a child?

Once again, excellent stock used to serve the greens in.


Whole Abalone stirred in stone pot with Noodles

Eefu noodles and that baby abalone which upped my lunch several notches up the scale of "My lunch is better than yours". I had issues with the consistency of the noodles though.


Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo

Surprisingly a let down, I thought this had to be the hallmark of a good chinese restaurant and this ended up way too sweet.

On top of our 6 course menu, we had enough space to try a number of their dimsum items to see if a return for a yum cha session would be worthwhile.


Steamed Custard Buns ($5.20)


In the rocket science of pau, there is a delicate balance of fluffiness and ratio of filling to bun. In this case, the balance was tilted to a way too fluffy bun and a filling that was hinging on watery.


Baked Abalone Pie ($8)

The recent Hong Kong travels made me more aware about abalone pie and 3 pieces for $8 was more than a steal given those I have eaten were $10 a piece. The truth of you pay for what you get stands - this was more of a cream of shellfish pie than anything else. Tons of work needed for the pastry as well.

I would recommend just going for their ala carte which fares a whole lot better than their dimsum items.

My Dining Room Chinese Cuisine
#02-314/316 Suntec City Mall Convention Center

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  2. I visited my dining room today with groupon vouchers for the 6 courses lunch, ill say the experience was quite dissappointing. The 1st course lobstor soup and 2nd course dim sum were good, the rest of the courses are below average. What pissed us off was the waiting time for last dish which was desert took more than half an hour (from the time we completed the 5th course)to be served. We had been reminding the staffs politely as my husband need to rush back to work but no 1 seems to be care as they were concentrating in serving their "bigger" clients, we may not be the "big" clients but the whole bill cost us ard $110 for 3 pax we were expecting not good but a reasonable service, will not go back again!