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Milk & Honey Artisan Yogurt Revisited @ One KM

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I knew I would be back to attempt their other yogurt creations. The first left me with a lasting impression - at least they were so photogenic!


Chocolate Divine ($9.80)
Chocolate Twister, Macaroon, Chocolate Sauce, White Chocolate Crumble, Brownie, Dark Chocolate Ganache


Matcha ($9.80)
Green Tea Parfait, White Chocolate Stick, Chocolate Pearls, Green Tea Meringue, Green Tea Crumble, Azuki Beans


Royal Honey ($8.80)
Honey Parfait, Orange Chip, White Chocolate Stick, Honey Popcorn, Honey Crystal Jello, Crunchy Crumble


Citrus Combo ($8.80)
Mango Parfait, Passionfruit Stick, Orange Chip, Lime Marshmellow, Lemon Jello, Fresh Orange

The four had one thing in common - the tart yogurt that left a biting sensation on the tongue, perhaps from too much baking powder. Nonetheless, the mount of ingredients piled on does make dessert larger than life. I would not reccomend having these for takeaway though, they may just melt way faster than you can say Milk and Honey Artisan Yogurt.

If their signatures are not up your alley, DIY is also available and so is a range of cakes.


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