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KUVO Revisited @ Orchard Shopping Center

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KUVO is your answer if you'd like a dining place void of any of the maddening crowds that plagues Orchard in general. A concept by TCC Group, a relatively newbie along Somerset and it boasts of a bar, bistro and even a gift shop.

On top of the numerous dining promotions they have, they now offer a semi buffet to diners for a tune of $45++. Choose a mains and you get access to unlimited servings from the appetizer and dessert bar.


All you can eat.


Ham shaved on the spot.


Duck riclette is my best friend next to pate.


Raspberry financiers anyone? The dessert corner is not as extensive though the morsel portions work for me.


Cream of mushroom that had us refilling our bowls so many times - I love how mushrooms are added to the broth for the earthy aftertaste. Throw in chives and croutons for more texture!


A DIY Salad corner that saw us loading up on a variety of cuts with baby spinach leaves.


The best thing about having a semi buffet is I can order as many rounds of appetizers as possible. This time, I particularly enjoyed the duck riclette and shaved ham.


Gratinated Blue Cheese Wagyu Beef Burger
Housemade wagyu patty, creamy blue cheese and golden fries

Burgers are my weakness, for every bad burger I have eaten, I find enough heart to stomach another hoping for the best.

The version at KUVO is surprisingly kick ass delicious - that blue cheese sauce draping over the grilled patty is one sight enough to bring on the drool.


Chargrilled Ribeye Steak
Truffle mash, garlic confit and red wine jus

Chef once again surprises with a juicy protein, well charred and I love those grill marks.


See what I mean by their semi buffet is completely morsel sized. Great for sampling without too much wastage. While the appetizers worked for me, the desserts did not.

Worth a visit and until it gets all popular, it is a chillax place for those who hate dining amidst crowds.

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