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Taratata Bistrot Revisited @ Keong Siak Street


Sunday Brunch at Taratata Bistrot is fast becoming a hot affair - the weekend we were there, it was functioning at almost full house with just one sommelier and a server who doubled up as a order taker, invoice tracker and a caretaker who checked on every table now and then throughout the meal.




We had a total of three rounds of crusty bread - these were so good with the unsalted butter and the dishes selected too.




Smoked and Cured Fish Platter

My knowledge of cured fish is limiting - and I count ahi tuna and smoked salmon as my favourites. In the platter, there were other types like herring, fish roe and even mackerel.


Most packed tangy finishes in all the pickling done - perfect with the dill dip that came with it and oh, a must mention - their crunchy mini toasts.


Half Dozen Snail Baked in Herb Garlic Butter

Garlic butter and escargots can never go wrong - I have never had bad escargots and I am just not about to go jinx it. These were so addictive and I could eat escargots for the rest of my life.


Duck Leg Confit with Mashed Potato in Duck Juice Reduction Sauce

I loved the crispy skin and mashed potato (with the recent tug of war trying to master the perfect silky buttery mashed potato) whilst the rest was deemed too soft for my liking. The fall of the bone texture was welcomed though by the Husband and considered this as a duck confit standard.


Braised Pork Drumsticks with Onion and Rosemary

Drumsticks of a pig already sounded odd but these were probably just the trotters, flavourful meaty parts with a delectable creamy sauce. I actually preferred this to the duck. 


Baked Lava Chocolate Cake, Caramel Sauce and Vanilla Ice-cream


Rich and very indulgent though it barely flowed.

If these sets do not appeal, there are the usual french brunch suspects like crepes and croissants to set things right.

Taratata Bistrot
Keong Saik Street

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