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Mikuni Revisited @ Fairmont Singapore


I love dining by the robata counter in a Japanese restaurant because of a view like that. Having the day's freshest laid out infront of me, is definitely a sight to behold. Dining like that makes me spend more somehow, because all these temptations somehow egg me on to make more orders. Who says you need a cute chef?


And part of the robata experience includes the novelty of taking my dishes from the oar! #cheapthrills


In true Mikuni style, we get offered these ebi crackers as appetizers and my main grouse till today after so many meals is - why not more? Or even have these addictive nibbles sold in jars!

I can never tire of the Robata Set Lunch that is a steal at $68, just the kagoshima beef itself already makes this so worthwhile. Since this is the nth time I am trying the set, I shall let the pictures do the drooling.









Truffle Sea Urchin Tofu ($38)
Beancurd, tofu, truffle soya, caviar


I had to do a closeup of the sea urchin shell topped with sea urchin and tofu. Visually very pleasing, the creamyness of the sea urchin and tofu made slurping it almost mandatory - I just wish the sea urchin shells were a lot larger.


Kagoshima Wagyu Beef ($78)


Oh holy cow - these two sticks were so rich and well marbled, it was a wordless 10 seconds after every bite at least to take in all the juices and oils. Since going to Mikuni and getting acquainted with Kagoshima beef, I have been over pampered and almost spoilt with such good quality beef. A must try and definitely worth the splurge, if not just head for the lunch set!


Mikuni Maki ($25)

Another must order for me, these sushi rolls are not entirely traditional but they have the must haves in one - sesame seeds, eel and bonito flakes. Throw in an extra generous swipe of their freshly grated wasabi, I am so sold. AGAIN.


King Crab Fried Rice ($18)

For as many orders as I have made for the Mikuni Maki, the same applies to the King Crab Fried Rice. The amount of crab chunks is enough to send me to seafood paradise.


Instead of panna cotta, we had nespresso icecream instead.


Sweet farewell, Mikuni. Until the next indulgent meal!

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