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Perfect Italiano Cheese recipes and redeem a free cooking kit!

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The married noob cook is back! I kickstarted this year with an audacious resolution amongst several others and by the end of the year I hope to accomplish 52 recipes – a whooping ridiculous number but I figured I needed to start somewhere and put my kitchen to some use and make the hubba happy enough.

I am two thirds through it and all these have been made possible with fool proof recipes and appliances most importantly – I can never thank my steam oven, air fryer, crock pot and le creussets enough for coming to my rescue every single time I feel like a homebody and domestic goddess all at once. A personal goal I have set for each kitchen conquest is – I need to complete the meal within an hour or lesser. My first kitchen adventure took almost 2 hours and we were both raving hungry by the time the table was laid after 9pm, it was definitely a meal that brought tears, sweat and heaps of fatigue.

Apart from the usual 靚湯, I have been relying a fair bit on kitchen aids – reads pre mixes and frozen foods to make my perfect meal plan of 3菜1汤 complete. Making everything from scratch would be horrifying and terribly time consuming (the Mom would be shooting dagger eyes at me for playing cheat but…still beats eating outside all the time!) Personally, I find cooking western cuisine way easier than the technically very challenging asian cuisine and on top of herbs, I stock my fridge with different types of cheese for fuss free and easy bakes.


Lasagne has been a major achievement for me and it took three tries before I nailed it right with the amount of meat, sauce, milk and finally cheese. I replaced fresh pasta with store bought lasagna sheets which tasted just as good! Storing them overnight makes this taste even better.


This was SO easy to make! Pop it into the oven and bake, I baked it for 10 minutes though.




Om nom nom.


I tweaked the recipe to include green peppers, tomatoes and replaced balsamic vinegar with a light balsamic dressing.


I'm lovin the colours.


Pop them into the open and swing open the oven doors for a aromatic good time!

I hope I have inspired you budding homecooks and foodies to at least take on the challenge and try out a recipe from Perfect Italiano’s massive recipe bank! It’s really that easy! 

Do hashtag your cooking creations #perfectitalianosg and follow me @thefoodchapter for my kitchen experiments too!

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