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Haha Thai @ Takashimaya

Haha Thai, previously known as Ha Ha Ha Thai has opened at Takashimaya's Level 5 with a menu that is tweaked for local tastebuds and is possibly one of the few restaurants in Takashimaya that does not spot a queue during peak dining hours.

Infact, reservations are completely unnecessary because it was barely running at its full capacity during dinner on a Friday night.


Neither did the so called signature milk tea nor lemon grass drink impress, infact these were served straight from the chilled dispenser.


Complimentary appetizers came in the form of clear tom yum soup - laced with more sour than spice. Off on the wrong footing, I was already regretting the reservation.


Platter ($32.50)

A platter for one, I wish they mentioned it somewhere. Portions were meant for one infact which left me terribly unimpressed.





Seafood Tomyum Noodle ($10.80)

Portions were terribly small and with just two prawns and a couple of squid rings, this had to be a rip off. The same tomyum soup that was served earlier without any of the tonguge tingling spices. The only ingredient given in abundance was glass noodle.  

With the number of Singaporeans heading to Thailand for their food, I am still baffled why would restaurants want to cater to a local palette that does not include spice. It's almost localised to a non spicy, non authentic place.

Haha Thai
Takashimaya Level 5

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