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Density @ Short Street

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~Invited Session~


I first heard of Frozen Custard in Shake Shack and they actually sold out on the dessert but we were offered a tasting portion of what's left - I was already sold on the dessert and only wished someone would bring it to Singapore. I got my wish answered by the sibling duo behind Density - bringing to our shores the first ever frozen custard store with a 100-year-old traditional super premium icecream from USA here.


If frozen custard is not exactly your thing, there is always coffee to kill time with.


Fresh off the barrista's hands, aromatic!


All frozen custards are made fresh daily and all these can be viewed behind an open concept "kitchen". Three flavours are available daily - Madagascan Vanilla Bean, Chocolate and a daily special from their stable of creations (Think Black Forest, Peach, Gingerbread, Pistachio, Pumpkin Pie and even Matcha!).

Promising to be velvety smooth, lusciously creamy, these lower calorie sweet treats are made with milk, cream and eggs and created through a unique churning process during the manufacturing of frozen custard. This process integrates as little air as possible to achieve the superior texture.


Vanilla Madagascar

I found the frozen custards a tad too sweet, very milky and smooth.  Flavours were limited during the tasting and I was leaning towards the chocolate flavour for personal favourite.


Welcome on board Density, frozen custard could just be your BFF in the sweltering months ahead. 

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