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Brothers Ramen @ International Plaza

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Brothers Ramen, or so it seems had its humble beginnings in a coffee shop at Tanjong Pagar Complex. While they were there, they sold ramen under the name of Dough and Grains and early April, they opened their doors to a brand new outlet at International Plaza, a relatively more accessible location.

They have replicated the ramen experience in Japan with a self ordering machine doing the honours of order placing and I just have to find myself an empty seat before my piping hot bowl of ramen gets served.

Their broth is alot lighter in colour than the other pork bone based broths. Collagen, they say does the trick crediting the usage of pork, chicken, fish and vegetables broth in the creamy coloured and sweet tasting broth.


Their chashu unlike the rest, is cured like ham and  served with what looks like chicken ham. The handmade noodles are springy and served in manageable ladies portions though refills are on the house for the ravenous. It was hearty, very comforting and a bowl with a side of complimentary vegetables was good enough. My supposedly spicy bowl was missing out on the kick ass fieryness I wish it had.

The cute boys working hard behind the stove certainly added those brownie points for a much needed second visit.


Brothers Ramen
10 Anson Road

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