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Plain Vanilla Bakery Revisited @ Yong Siak Street

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My revisits to Plain Vanilla have been so regular, it's almost a second home these days. Weekdays are a charm, weekends even more so when they have a range of weekend only bakes. There is so much to love about the place, so much inspiration to draw.

I adore their decor to bits and dried baby's breath too. I would love to own their baking accessories.


I cannot reiterate how much I love the rustic packaging, from the simple tweed rope to the brown paper box.


I usually get a box of six, to nibble, munch and get high on a sugar rush.


Upclose of the personal favourites, red velvet and vanilla bean.


A new flavour for the weekend, pandan kaya!


Moist cupcake with a kaya filling. I found it a tad of an overkill and too sweet. Not a favourite though.


Fast forward many more months since August, they had 3 new christmas flavours that made me wink and grin like a girl in a carnival. The limited edition flavours are ranked in order of preference.


Chocolate Brandy Butter ($3.80)

Infusing brandy in chocolate had to be the best kept secret in ages, loved the richness of the chocolate, the chocolate core and better still the truffle on top that made it top of the pops.


Gingerbread ($3.80)

Friends who know me are are aware my obsession with gingerbread men and I was delighted to find an equivalent cupcake flavour. I loved this flavour that was captured so beautifully, just the right hints of cinnamon and ginger.


White Chocolate Peppermint ($3.80)

Of the three, this was a no brainer with peppermint being the main ingredient and adorned with candycanes. 

Make haste in checking out these flavours, the atmosphere at Plain Vanilla is close to magical with fairy lights and a christmas tree up too!

Plain Vanilla
Yong Siak Street

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